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Campaign: Umlanji

IDEF to Ensemble

I use IDEF modeling to capture solution As Is and create To Be. While it has a structured methodology, and import/export file standard, there is no way to push the Process Models into Ensemble workflow. This is most useful on government/defense projects. To help broaden integration into these markets such a convertor would be great. We could seek grant support to help fund such and effort. End result is Ensemble capability ...more »

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Campaign: VC/m

Beyond Compare Integration

It would be very useful if you could highlight two objects in the VC/m browser and then when you choose compare it puts one in each side of the BC3 window. This way you could choose to compare two routines across variants,locations or even with different names without having to browse to them via FTP which can be time consuming when there are a lot of objects in the location.

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Campaign: Serenji

Serenji eclipse plug in

Love Serenji! Great Product. However, it seems I spend a lot of my time in Eclipse these days, editing all the other moving bits a modern system entails. If all the capabilities of Serenji could be made an Eclipse plug in, that would be great. Also might help convince the world that 'M' isn't just an oddball legacy system anymore.

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